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We all know what anger feels like...

Whether we experience anger as either a brief nuisance or an uncontrollable rage, our inability to cope with it can cause serious emotional, financial and even physical harm to ourselves and to others.

Dean's seminars and books teach you how to break the cycle of stress anger and depression so that you can experience the true joy of life. There is no coping or managing. You can actually learn to identify and eliminate the root cause of anger from your life once and for all so you can live your life peacefully and joyfully and create happy, healthy relationships with your loved ones.

Booklets & seminars offered by The Dean so you can develop the skills to build relationships filled with joy, peace and happiness:

Relationships Without Anger

Enrich the relationship with your partner by ridding yourselves of anger. Books, weekend workshops, and newsletter tips provide you and your partner with new ways to learn how to appreciate each other and rekindle the desire to renew your relationship with love, peace & joy.

Create Positive Change in Your Relationship Today!

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Parenting Without Anger

When you are free of anger, you teach your children love. Get rid of your own anger. Give your children a life of positive love-based emotions. Be a friend, talk about feelings, listen deeply, encourage, be compassionate, and don't teach fear. Teach responsibility, not obedience.

Begin Making Powerful and Positive Parenting Decisions Today!

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Workplace Without Anger

Desk Rage affects 42% of the work force according to the 2001 Integra Survey. By understanding and developing new anger elimination processes for yourself and your company, you become part of the solution to this mega business headache.

Start Experiencing Change in Your Workplace Today!

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Other Dean of Peace workshops and books:

Life Without Anger BOOK or SEMINAR

A Peaceful New World BOOK or SEMINAR

My Checklist for Life BOOK or SEMINAR

The Dean says:

"Positive states of mind - joy, happiness, contentment and peace with the world and those around you - await you once you learn to leave fear and anger behind."

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