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Dove with Branch
Insights from the Dean of Peace
Walk in Peace - Dance with Joy January 7, 2006

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Society, Law and Politics

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Society, Law and Politics
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I read an article in the newspaper some time ago relating to the appointment of the United States next Ambassador to the United Nations. The point that caught my attention was the argument that we had to have a tough advocate and shouldn't criticize him for his blunt and berating style. The comment was made that, "if being tough and aggressive and abrasive were a problem," then a lot of members of the U.S. Senate wouldn't qualify.

It is disappointing that this attitude exists in our leaders. We do not create peace by being tough and abrasive. Those kinds of attitudes are guaranteed to create discord. This issue is at the very heart of why we do not now experience world peace. If our ambassador is negative and tough in dealing with the other world leaders what kind of solutions will we be getting? They will be forced decisions representing the will of those with the most power and will not necessarily be in the best interest of the people. Even if they are in the interest of the people they will not seem peaceful when they are imposed on them against their will.

The problem starts with us. Let's search for positive loving outlooks as a significant part of our choice when electing our representatives.

Peace Tips From Readers

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Peace Tips

Tip #1

Pain is a signal that something is wrong. This applies to emotional as well as physical pain. Until we quit putting up with it and do something to eliminate the cause of our pain we will continue to suffer.

Tip #2

Learn to embrace change. You can make it better by letting go of old attachments so that you can pursue more desirable goals.

We weclome you to visit our peace boards and share your ideas for peace with us.



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"Our ability to love, to be creative, to be at peace, to achieve our goals, and to enjoy our day to day living are greatly enhanced once we are no longer ruled by our anger," from my book, Life Without Anger.

  • Notes from the Dean's Desk
  • World Peace

    A Peaceful New World

    This has been a busy time for finishing up the work on my new book, "A Peaceful New World." The object of this book is to first create peace on the inside and then take that peace out into our society and create a world full of peace. Along with the book we are creating a clearing house on our website for those who are interested in working for world peace. We will post information on concept and ideas derived from groups or the individual work of others on the following areas of society: 1. Peace through Government, 2. Peace in our Political System, 3. Peace through our Legal System, 4. Peace through our Educational System, 5. Peaceful Economics, 6. Peace in Religion, 7. Peace in our Society, 8. Evolution of Peace, and 9. Misc. Peace Categories. Please visit us at the Peace Board to share your ideas of projects for the world. We will post and send this information to all of those who are interested. My hope is that many of you will join us in this wonderful project.

    My one hour phone seminars offer a separate topic each Thursday at 7:00PM Pacific Time. Each evening includes a few minutes to respond to your questions. With such a wide range of topics ranging from ways to resolve personal relationships with your mate and children to dealing with conflict at work you are bound to discover a lot of good information and tools to use in your own life.

    Introductory Offer January

    Discover tools and techniques to help you create more peace, happiness and harmony in your life.

    Bonus: get two free phone seminars with your newsletter subscription.

    Be sure to pass this information along to your interested friends and associates. What a great way to find out what we are all about.

  • Ask the Dean?
  • Global Struggle

    Dear Dean,

    I am a mother with a teenage daughter. When she wants to do something like go to the mall and I say no she gets upset and argues with me about it. She won't take no for an answer. I end up getting angry and then we get into a shouting match. She is still doing well in school but I am worried that this will start affecting her attitude about school. Upset Mom. Seattle

    Dear Upset Mom,

    You have not only allowed your daughter to use anger without consequences,days. you have joined in the process as well. This is not a good model for your child to learn. First, always listen fully to your child's request and ask for reasons. Second, always give the reasons for your reply. Third, the child must always know the consequences of not accepting your answer, and the consequences of displaying anger. These answers and reasons must be given in a loving way with explanations. Fourth, you must resolve your own anger issues. They are at the root of the problem. the Dean of Peace

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Dear Dean,

    I have a supervisor at work that is mean and aggressive and has piled so much work on me that I am no longer able to carry on a civil conversation with him. D.B., Oakland

    Dear D.B.,

    This is of course a very complex question and you must look at many additional aspects to determine your answer. But let's look at some of the things you need to consider given what you have said. The fact that you can't talk to your boss is your problem not his. If you are going to keep this job you are must learn how to stay in a positive relationship with your boss. Your boss is the way he is, it will be helpful if you can find ways to shift him to a more positive outlook on your relationship, but don't count on it. Meeting his needs as best you can in a positive manner will usually go a long way. Not talking to him is not positive and usually adds to the problem by creating negative feelings and a lack of information you need to do your work. Start by looking for the reasons you feel fearful or angry about the relationship, or start looking for a way to find a new work experience. the Dean of Peace

    If you have a question about anger in the workplace, parenting, your relationship or anger anywhere in your personal life, just Ask the Dean

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    Phone Seminar- Learning to love Yourself - January 12 Thursday 7:00pm 8:00pm, Pacific Time

    Seminar: A Peaceful New World - February 11th Saturday, 3:00 5:00, Pacific Time - Ashland, OR

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