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Dove with Branch
December 29, 2008 Insights From the Dean of Peace
Notes from the Dean's Desk

Dear Peacemaker,

For those in the Eugene, OR area we will doing a class on  Emotional Intelligence - Taking Control of your Life at  Lane Community  College winter term  starting January   15th,  Thursday  nights   6 to 8 PM.   Those interested can sign up for the course at Lane CC.

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Ask the Dean?
Dean Van Leuven   Global Struggle

Dear Dean, Regarding Marlene (12/08) - When we are adults we still take advice from others we trust. If we don't trust and accept the advice of others we are going to find the world a difficult place to live in. So the problem is not that we are getting advice from others. The problem is that we are getting advice from others that we don't want to follow; and we feel obligated or guilty not to follow it even though we don't want to. If the problem is that we don't want to take advice from anyone then we have a bigger problem that we need to pay attention to. The experience of others is always helpful in shaping our lives and making good decisions. - Sylvia in NJ

Dear Sylvia, Well said! Life becomes difficult when we refuse to listen to advice. We need to learn how to consider and choose without stress. - the Dean

Dear Dean, Regarding Jim (12/15) - If you want your employees to buy into your plans I suggest you start involving them in the decision making process. If they become part the process they will more likely buy into the decision, even if they disagree with it. They will understand why others think it is important and that they have had a chance to have their say about it before the decision was made. Democracy is more popular than dictatorships in this country. - Scott in OR

Dear Scott, Great point! If we remain task oriented we are always looking for the best way to accomplish our goals rather than trying to force them to be done the way we think they should. - the Dean

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Law, Politics & Society ... As I see them
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It has been fashionable of late when a politician changes his/her mind about an issue, to accuse them of flip-flopping and to call them wishy-washy in their principals. I believe this is just a tactic used by someone who supports the original decision and is resisting the change. Many are willing to resort to calling names when they don't like what is happening.

First of all, I want politicians to be open to changing their minds if they see they have made a mistake. I don't want them to be like an ostrich and bury their heads in the sand when they see things going wrong. I call this driving square pegs in round holes. I suggest they get new pegs that fit instead of trying to use a bigger hammer to get them in with. I want them to be open to change when things don't turn out as expected. They are the ones who have studied the issues and the facts. I want their best judgment at all times, not just when the decision was made.

Secondly, we elected them to make our decisions for us. I do not want my representatives to make a decision simply because it might determine whether they are re-elected. Let us respect their choices until the will of the voters select someone else to replace them. If we want them to do the best job for us we need to give them the freedom to do what they think is the best job. We can learn to trust their judgment and then judge them by the results they produce.

issues. Contact him on the web at: www.DeanOfPeace.com

Creating a Peaceful New World
  World Peace

In order to have World Peace we must first learn a way of living that allows us to always experience Personal Peace. Personal Peace comes from the way we view and respond to the world around us. Our own personal world and the way we feel about it is determined by the way we chose to respond rather than by what actually happens to us.

Whatever happens is simply what happens. How we choose to view it is determined by our own personal belief system, the way we look at things, and how we feel about all of the stuff that has happened to us in the past. How we feel, and how we respond to something always comes from our own personal choice that we make at the moment the event or thought occurs to us.

Most of us have learned to judge events as either good or bad and respond accordingly. This is the way our parents and the world have taught us how to deal with things. We are taught that we are supposed to feel bad, or angry, when certain things happen. Too often we make a judgment that things are bad and then respond from our negative emotions, instead of being able to calmly think about what happened before we choose how to respond. Emotional choices limit us to responses based on our past experiences and prevent us from using reasoning in choosing how we would like to respond.

Tips for Peaceful and Joyful Living
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Monday: Today I think of the Love I receive from others.

Tuesday: Today I will listen with an open heart.

Wednesday: Today I will take time to be with my family.

Thursday: Today I take time to appreciate nature.

Friday: Today I act in kind and loving ways.

Saturday: Today I smile, have fun, and laugh.

Sunday: Today I help someone in need.

Dean Van Leuven is a psychologist, conducts workshops and is the author of A Peaceful New World and many other books dealing with quality of life issues. Contact him on the web at: www.DeanOfPeace.com

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